About Us

Our Mission

We work to deliver to medium and large companies & organizations the best cost and time saving tools for their daily tasks. At Almiranta, we focus on creating powerful, practical, easy to use, and affordable software that produce tangible benefits to companies and organizations helping them become more efficient and reduce their costs by streamlining their operations, and organizing daily workflow activities.

Our Values

We pledge never to share your information with anyone. Period.
We believe common sense should rule over heavy-handed policies and procedures.
Our team, although diverse, abide by basic values such as dedication to quality, price, integrity, respect, and always acting in the best interest of our customers holding firm to our corporate integrity and responsibility.


Our Company

Our corporation is based in Montreal, Canada, with a management team located around the world consisting of savvy and accomplished specialists stemming from various fields such as Energy auditing, Real Estate lease management, procurement, IT and construction.

With decades of hands-on experience in each of their field, and having lived with the various pains directly associated to each one of these industries, our modules reflect a unique global approach to problem solving.