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At Almiranta, we pride ourselves on providing you practical and easy to use cost saving software in specialty fields such as energy saving, capital expenditure management, and real estate management, in order to make your life easier and save you money. We succeed when you reduce your costs and save time.

Energy Saving Software

Reduce the energy consumption in all your buildings

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Capital Expenditures Software

Capex approval process and management

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Lease Management Software

Manage your leases more efficiently

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Energy Saving

eneXplan is our energy expert product. It helps you identify, quantify, and implement energy saving measures in any type of building, anywhere in the world. eneXplan also includes all the tools to manage the energy of a complete portfolio of buildings.

Capital Expenditure Management

Our Capexplan software helps you plan capital and operational expenditures. It also enables you to rapidly create and approve capex & opex requests. Capexplan comes with the tools for tracking and reportings regardless of your company's size.

Real Estate Cost Saving Software

Lease & Space Optimization

Realexplan is a complete lease management and space optimization software. It is oriented towards the tenant/user side. Realexplan also enables you to create what-if scenarios of site merge or consolidation, and see how much space you really need.

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Our people come from around the world to assemble the best business software

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All our software are oriented towards two things: Saving you money and time

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We continue to develop new practical tools, with others already in the works

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Cost Saving Software Dedicated to Reducing Cost and Time

We help medium and large companies & organizations in specific areas of work.
Each one of our products is oriented towards two main goals: Cost saving and time reduction. We work to make each of our software complete, yet easy to use and practical for your daily tasks.
Our cost saving software come loaded with all the tools and features you need, regardless of your company's size or location.

Saving You Money and Time

Enexplan Average Energy Saving of Total Consumption


Capexplan Time Saving of Request Approval


Enexplan Audit Time Needed Vs Traditional Methods


Our Company

We are focused on two key elements: working towards helping you save time and money

Our Mission

We constantly work with one goal in mind: To provide medium and large companies & organizations the best cost and time-saving tools for their daily tasks.

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Our History

We know your world because we come from it. Our key people have between 25 and 30 years of corporate experience working at various levels of large and very large companies

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Our People

Our team is as diversified as it is dedicated. Some of our products have been assembled by professionals from over 20 countries, all working together in sync to bring you great tools

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Our Services

We can provide you with a variety of services to help you hit the ground running

Building Modeling

Our services in the field of energy include creating building models with eneXplan for you. Our teams of dedicated modelers can produce building models rapidly and at a very reasonable cost.

Data Analysis

Part of our consultation services can include analysis of your data. Regardless if it is about energy consumption, capital expenditures or space management, we can help provide recommendations for improved efficiency

Energy Saving Simulations

We can identify and estimate all energy savings in your buildings. Once a model is completed with eneXplan, our energy engineers can run through all energy saving measures that could apply to your building

Energy saving building model with eneXplan
Allocating funds for capital expenditures
Capital expenditure management
Capital expenditure request
Ratios of energy consumption

Providing High Value to Companies

`` Almiranta has provided us with very useful and accurate software for our business operations. In the field of energy saving, their rich software is a valuable tool for targeting our priorities and making the best eco-energy decisions ``
Simon-Pierre Dalpe-Messier - Director of Real Estate - Messier Group

Still Using Spreadsheets?

While spreadsheets are valuable tools, when managing a company with numerous business units or buildings, working with spreadsheets can become overwhelming.
Even today the majority of companies are still managing many tasks with multiple spreadsheets. Over 70% of corporations are using spreadsheets to manage their capital expenditures and 80% of them rely on spreadsheets to manage their energy consumption and savings.
This is where our different cost saving software come in.
Almiranta's products are not meant to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we start by taking the very best practices of the industries. Then, we structure them and simply blend them into software. The result brings you easy to use, yet powerful and complete working tools for your everyday work.


Use Spreadsheets for Capital Expenditures


Use Spreadsheets to Manage Energy

Almiranta Corporation

We succeed when you save time and money

Energy Savings, Capital Expenditures Approval & Management, Lease Management