What does 'ExPlan" refer to?

ExPlan refers to Expert Planning and all modules in our Online Business Productivity Suite have names that reflect this. Our CapExPlan module stands for Capital Expenditures Expert Planning and our RealExPlan stands for Real Estate Expert Planning. Each module comes in a standard version as well as an Express version. The different versions enable users to get the appropriate mix of value and affordability. We geared the standard versions towards medium and large-sized organizations while we designed the Express versions for companies and organizations that want to experience some of the potential features before using standard versions.

Do I need to install any software?

No, the ExPlan Suite modules require nothing more than an internet browser to operate, so no need to install anything on your computer.

What do I need to use the modules?

You will need an internet browser with a recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari and a computer or virtually any mobile device. While the modules work on portable devices, users may find it easier to operate with a computer simply because of the graphics and reports that it can produce. However, you can easily work from tablets with adequate screen sizes.

How many people can use one account?

Each module of the ExPlan Suite comes with the possibility of adding an unlimited number of users per account. Our Realexplan and eneXplan allow for an unlimited number of users per license, while our Capexplan product is sold on a per seat (per user) basis. We only limit the maximum storage space per license to 100 GB in order to prevent abuse from companies using the storage as a backup for other non-related data. The 100 GB allocation per module of cloud storage space is usually more than enough for even large companies or organizations.

What if I need more space than what is provided with an account?

Although we would be surprised if you need more data, we can provide more storage space for a reasonable price. We only limit the amount of storage space to prevent abuse, not to limit customer use of the ExPlan Suite.

How is my information protected?

We have redundant servers and databases located in different geographic regions utilizing different network service providers. This ensures that if one location goes down, you will still be able to login and, in fact, should not notice any difference regardless of which facility the system directs you to.
Keeping your data secure is one of our core directives. To protect your data we use extensive levels of encryption to ensure that your data is secured, starting at the physical storage level progressing all the way through to the database/table/field level. All communication between you and our server is encrypted (when using our modules), and the communication between our servers is encrypted.
Our support employees do not even have the ability to access ANY of your data unless you provide them with your authorized call-in PIN.

Do you sell or share any information on customers?

The answer is a clear no. We do not share, trade or sell any information on our customers to anyone.

Do you offer additional services?

We can provide you a range services, such as help for entering data and setting up your information for a fee. Please contact us so we can provide you with a proper quote.

What happens to my data when I stop being a customer?

You have the option PRIOR to the expiration of your subscription to export all of your data in the various file formats that each component of each module allows (e.g. Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel, CSV, etc.); however, once your subscription expires, all of your active data is purged from our server. Due to our backup rotation schedule, it might take some time before all of your data drops off from our backup files.
Note: The purpose of the backup files is for data integrity. We do not use them to retrieve data for users’ whose subscriptions have expired.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

We sell annual accesses (memberships), so you can cancel your membership at the end of each year by simply not renewing it. We do not auto-renew any membership. For memberships that were sold as multi-year, since they came with rebates in the beginning, we do not offer a refund.

Do I need to pay the full annual membership at once?

We sell annual memberships, so they need to be paid in full at the start of the membership.

Does Almiranta offer customer support?

Yes, we offer comprehensive customer support for our products. We are always available to help you for any problem you might have, regardless if it is about how to use a product, entering data, or simply to seek suggestions. All our products include unlimited free support and maintenance. Please use the contact page or send us a request via e-mail, and we will get back to your shortly, normally within less than an hour, sometimes much less.

Is the software frequently updated?

Yes, we perform several types of updates. We regularly update the modules to improve the user experience and to provide the latest and greatest tools for our users. We generally roll out updates once a week (usually early Saturday mornings EST); however, if there is a critical/important update, we release those immediately. Our weekly updates have an official maintenance window of one hour; however, they rarely take longer than two minutes.
On the 10th of each month at 2 AM EST, we perform upgrades and updates to the servers. There are no scheduled maintenance windows for these as they generally do not impact the user experience at all; however, four times a year, on the 10th of January at 2 AM EST, April, July, and October, we do major system updates that have a scheduled maintenance window of three hours.

Do the updates need to be purchased?

No, all memberships come with the latest updates at all times and all updates are included free of charge to all customers.

Does my access ever expire?

We provide accesses for purchase as annual memberships. In order to continue to have access to your membership, you will need to renew it at the end of the year following the date you initially took a membership.

How many reports can I produce with a software?

As with all of our modules, there is virtually no limit to the number of data entries of reports that can you could enter or produce. We only impose a limit on the total storage space in order to avoid abuse (i.e. People using the storage space of the module to store other information not related to the modules).

Is there a limit to the number of capital expenditure requests we can create with Capexplan?

There is no limit as to the number of request that you can create. We only impose a limit on the total storage space in order to avoid abuse (i.e. People using the storage space of the module to store other information not related to the modules). If ever you need more space for business reasons, we will be happy to provide for free.

Does the account renew automatically?

No, you access does not automatically renew. However, in order to avoid forgetting to renew it, we will send you friendly reminders during the 11th month of your access period. We will also store your encrypted data for a few days (until we get confirmation from you as to your decision to renew or not your membership) should you forget to renew your membership in order to avoid loss of data.

Can I export or delete my data at the end of my membership?

Yes. You can always delete your data at any time. For exporting data upon membership expiration, we can provide you with your data in whatever formats (e.g. Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, CSV, etc.) are available for each component of each module.You simply need to let us know what you want to do.

Do your products come in multiple languages?

Yes, actually some of our modules are offered in French, Spanish, and Chinese (simplified).
The user does not need to install any additional ExPlan features. Any user can work in the language of their choice (listed above). Any user-inputted information will remain in the language that the user inputs it in. The system does not translate data entered.
You can produce reports in multiple languages. For example, if you generate a report in English, you can generate that same report in another language without having to re-input the numerical values. You may switch languages at any time, from any page, and on any module. Simply select the language from the language drop-down in the upper-right corner of the screen.
Should you require using any of our modules in other languages than English, simply let us know and we will provide you with assistance for this. All languages are included as part of the subscription. No additional purchase is necessary.
For machines with specific localizations (such as if your machine is using Microsoft Windows and you only have English installed), you might need to install a language pack provided by your operating system update service; however, if you normally use your machine in the selected language, you should not have any problems.